Imagine, In Just A Few Hours You Could Enjoy Social Gatherings and Meeting New People

"It’s hard to believe now looking back, but as a 35-year-old woman with a 6-year-old child, I was unable to make a phone call to a stranger. I couldn’t call the school or the doctor without having a panic attack. So I didn’t do those things. I don’t know how I got along!

"Luckily I found Shelly Lefkoe and eliminated the negative beliefs that caused my inability to interact with strangers. Not only did the work make a big difference with my immediate problems, enabling me to advocate in the schools for my son with learning issues, but it freed me up socially as well.

"Since then I’ve flown far from the nest and gone on many adventures around the world that would not have been possible with the beliefs I held."

--Ruth Bonomo

If you want to get rid of the fear you feel in social settings—parties, intimate gatherings and functions at work—then this may be the most important message you’ve read in some time.

Here’s why:

I have devised a system that will eliminate your social fears so you can:

Socialize, make small talk, and just enjoy being with people.

Make new friends easily.

Talk to total strangers without fear.

Stop feeling envious of others who enjoy parties and have romantic relationships in which communication is easy because you’ll have those things yourself.

Getting rid of your fear is like destroying the roots of a weed … after which the weed automatically withers and dies… allowing your garden to flourish. 

My system eliminates your fear because it uncovers the root causes of your fear and then destroys them.

What Are The Root Causes Of My Fear

The root causes of social anxiety are a series of beliefs you hold, such as:

            It’s dangerous to have people focus attention on me.

            I’m not good enough.           

            If I make a mistake or fail, I’ll be rejected.

            What makes me good enough or important is having people think well of me.

And fear-based conditioning.  Conditioning is when fear is automatically triggered by events without any thoughts or beliefs being involved at all.

A prime example is Pavlov’s experiments with dogs. 

Pavlov rang a bell than presented dogs with food so the dogs would salivate.  He did this over and over until the dogs expected food every time the bell was rung.  This caused the dogs to salivate when the bell was rung even if Pavlov did NOT bring any food.

The same thing happens to humans.

If you’ve experienced fear in certain situations over and over, you can be conditioned to have those fears even if the original cause (like the food in Pavlov’s experiments) has been removed.

As a result, you can be conditioned to fear rejection, criticism and even attention from people … even if there is no longer any real reason to be afraid.

Fortunately, I’ve devised a special process to get rid of the fear that comes from situations like these.

The life changes as a result of eliminating beliefs are so dramatic that even personal growth experts such as Chicken Soup author Jack Canfield and Happiness For No Reason author Marci Shimoff found our method valuable.

"Morty's got a technique that works like magic!"

Jack Canfield, Co-Author,
New York Times Best-Selling Series
Chicken Soup for the Soul

How Do I Know Your Program Will Help Me Get Rid of My Social Fears?

If you've used my free belief-elimination exercise found at ReCreate Your Life, then you know from your own experience that I can help you eliminate your beliefs for good. And if you haven't, then visit ReCreate Your Life right now and try the program, then come right back here and get “End Social Anxiety”.

"A belief that I've been holding onto since I was very young dissolved."

Marci Shimoff,
New York Times Best-Selling Author Of
Happy For No Reason

When You Use My System
Here's What Will Happen To You

"I had fear of being in a public place with too many people..."

Daniel Bellqvist

Here's What You Get If You Order Today

You get 16 modules to help breakthrough the following beliefs and conditionings:

Remember, when these beliefs and conditionings are gone, you’ll finally be able to enjoy time with others so much you’ll seek out social events.  And when you attend these gatherings you’ll enjoy mingling with others.  No more being quiet in the corner.  No more having to force yourself to say something (or saying nothing at all).  Life will be satisfying and fulfilling.

Four Bonuses That Make This 
Too Irresistible to Pass Up!

“$50 off one session” coupon to work with one of my certified facilitators on any issue you want.  My facilitators are trained by me personally and can help you find and eliminate beliefs much faster than my video programs.  You can get more done working with them for just one hour than you can get done in 2-3 hours using web video.

Unlimited e-mail support from me and my staff.  We'll make sure you're successful with this program by answering any questions you have within 24 hours during weekdays.  (We've also included lots of "Help" videos so you can get instant answers as well.)

“Who am I really?” audio program.  (Value $20.) With this audio program you can take the experience of creating your life with you wherever you go by burning it to a CD or loading it into an iPod.  You can use it while you sit and relax on the beach, while you wait for a train or when you just want some inner tranquility without having to sit in front of your computer.

Who am I really? video program. ($29 value)  This program helps you get into a state in which you’ll feel whole and perfect just the way you are.  Some say it’s like being in a deep meditative state that usually takes years to achieve.  You’ll get this experience in just 20 minutes.

Total value of bonuses: $99.


Your program is phenomenal. I now get the difference between being a creator and being the creation! Amazing how quickly I picked up on it and how I now see my life in a totally different way. The power and joy that comes with being a creator without giving meaning is life-changing.

Thank you so much. Looking forward to receiving the full program of eliminating all limiting beliefs.

Stefan (posted to ReCreateYourLife blog)

What You’ll Invest For A Lifetime
Of Freedom From Social Anxiety

It could cost from $800 to $1,000 for one of my trained professionals to help you eliminate your anxiety in social situations. (If you would like information about working with a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator on this or any other problem, please call us at 415-506-4472.)

And if you bought each belief separately at $14.95 it would cost $239.20. However, when you buy the “End Social Anxiety” package you only invest $215. That's a savings of about $24, that's nearly 10% off. When you factor in the bonuses, you're getting an over $300 value for just $215, a 30% savings.

                     Special Note

Because of its size, this program could easily fit on 3 DVDs that I could have put into a big case to make the program look more impressive. However, I know you don't need to see a big package to recognize the great value you are receiving. So I've put this program into a single DVD-ROM in an attractive slim case. This DVD-ROM can store much more material than a regular DVD you play in a DVD player, making it possible for me to put 3 DVDs worth of material onto one disc.

IMPORTANT: DVD-ROMs can only be used by a PC or MAC and won't work in a standard DVD player.

Why Am I Offering This At Such A Low Price?

There is only one reason I'm offering this at such a low price -- I want you to become my customer for life.

If I can show you how to change just one thing in your life, what are the chances you'll come to me the next time you want to make a change in the future? 

Very likely.

My Unconditional 100% One-Year Money-Back Guarantee

So you can feel confident that I’ll help you dramatically reduce your stress, I offer you a one-year money back guarantee.  You must be totally satisfied that your social anxiety has been reduced significantly or you get your money back any time within 365 days of purchase.  Just send me an e-mail.

Why This Offer May Not Last

After over 20 years of The Lefkoe Method being facilitated only in one-on-one phone sessions, we are now able to offer web-based programs that can reach millions at a fraction of the price.

So right now, I'm testing all the offers on this website to find out what people want.  As a result, the prices I have now are introductory prices and subject to change at any moment. 

I can only guarantee that the current low price of $215 will remain for at least 2 weeks while we test these offers.  After that it's anybody's guess.

So to get rid of your anxiety in social situations today and save $23.92 click on the “Add to Cart” button below.

NOTE: This product comes shipped to you as a DVD-ROM. That means you must have a computer that can read DVD's (most can nowadays). These disks will only work in a computer (PC or MAC) and will NOT work in a DVD player.

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