Feel Your Stress Melt Away
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"My doctor cut my blood pressure medication in half after working with Morty."

Raymond Aaron, Author of
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I know my claim is hard to believe.  Most people think that events in life cause your stress.

Your boss yells at you.

Your kids don’t listen.

You argue with your spouse.

You worry about losing your job.

You’ve got too many things to do and too little time to do them in.

According to conventional thinking, there are hundreds of other possible “sources” of stress in your life.

But if the conventional thinking is correct—if outside events determine your level of stress—then there isn't much you can do about it

Fortunately, the conventional wisdom is wrong.

Thousands of people have reduced their stress levels for good when they addressed the inner contributors to stress.

"Being a fundraiser during this challenging year has been very stressful. Add to that, my boss did not give me a very good performance review and my organization has been laying people off. After using The Lefkoe Method, I was able to initiate a discussion with my boss on how I can improve my performance and how long she will give me to make that happen.

"I was calm and centered and could tell my boss appreciated my thoughtful and confident approach. This is a dramatic change from how I would have handled it just a year ago. The Lefkoe Method is magic and I wish everyone would use it.

--Carol Shaw

I’ll Show You How To Do That Today.

Before I do I want to explain something.

After you use my solution, most external things in your life will stay the same. 

If you've got a bad boss, he or she will still be a bad boss.  If people in your life are acting badly towards you, they may continue to act that way (although in some cases you'll be feeling so resourceful that you'll figure out how to change this).  And if you don’t have a job, the job won't magically appear the next day.

However, what will happen is you won't wait for all of these things to change so that you can be happy.  A weight will have lifted from your shoulders because you'll feel deep inside that these things are not in control of how you feel.  You'll have discovered what really causes your feelings and how to change it. 

And this discovery feels liberating.

So How Do You Get Rid Of Stress?

By addressing the root cause of your stress: limiting beliefs.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re stuck in traffic and as a result of that you’re going to be late to an important meeting. 

There’s nothing you can do to make yourself get there on time and everyone is waiting for you.

They were counting on you to be there.

In this situation many people would be stressed out—worried over the consequences—what will they think of me for being late?  How much will I inconvenience others?  What will they say to me?

These worrisome thoughts create your stress.  But underneath those thoughts are limiting beliefs.

“I really was blown-away by the simplicity of this exercise and the profound change that I felt afterwards.

“I have often had tightness in the pit of my stomach due to anxiety and have been through many years of therapy (a behaviour therapy group for childhood trauma), and at one point I also had been diagnosed with OCD apparently directly due to my childhood experiences and obviously my beliefs as well.

“So when you started talking about the subject of parents and their impact on my thoughts, well, the tightness came in leaps and bounds. But as I kept going through your exercise, I found that the 'tightness' seemed to lessen. It did keep trying to stick around so to speak, but by the end of your exercise, I felt very minimal tension in my stomach.

“I thank you so much for being able to have the opportunity to access this amazing technique, I feel incredibly grateful for this.”

Monique (posted on our blog, March 28, 2009)

Limiting Beliefs Are The Root Cause Of Stress

 For example one of the biggest beliefs that cause stress is “What makes me good enough and important is having people think well of me.”  This would cause you to worry about being late, even if you weren’t at fault, because others might look down on you or be upset with you.

Another belief that causes stress is “If I fail or make a mistake, I’ll be rejected.” This belief will cause you to worry about any mistake that others might see.  And may even cause you to try to cover them up so no one ever sees them.

If you believe “I’m not adequate” or “I’m not capable” you’ll get overwhelmed with the many details of your life and feel stressed when you see how much you have to do.

When you get rid of these and several other beliefs in my program, you’ll start to get more enjoyment from your work, your friendships and your family.

It will be like the sun is shining on your life again after a long time of overcast days.

The life changes as a result of eliminating beliefs are so dramatic that even personal growth experts such as Chicken Soup author Jack Canfield and Happiness For No Reason author Marci Shimoff found our method valuable.

"Morty's got a technique that works like magic!"

Jack Canfield, Co-Author,
New York Times Best-Selling Series
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Here’s What You Get

You get 23 belief and conditioning elimination modules to help breakthrough the following beliefs: